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Stick War 3 v2022.1.295

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Jul 8, 2022
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Description Stick War 3

To say that Stick War 3 mod apk (Unlimited gold) brings you something new regarding gameplay, no. It remains pretty much the same, although there are still some changes. The first thing you should pay attention to is customization. Like in the previous part, you can change the appearance of your soldiers, your statue, and even the fence. But the units themselves got a lot of changes.

First, there are more units and more by order of magnitude. Secondly, the slots for units are no longer slots for units. Yes, you will still put them in certain circles, but these circles also serve as slots for abilities, unique heroes, and even enhancements.

And here we come to one of the coolest innovations, boosts. They take up a slot, but they’re passive and make one kind of your units stronger, faster, and more deadly.

Features mod Stick War 3

Abilities have been added, too. Here, you have acid rain, mass healing of units, and even resurrection of the dead. Of course, each unit has unique features as well as parameters. They can be viewed in the same army editor. There and the speed of their training, the amount of space they occupy, and so on.

When the preparations are over, it’s time to move on to the battle itself. Unfortunately, there are only three modes, and the company mode is not yet available. It is still in development. But to play against the bots is welcome, but if you are tired of bots, multiplayer is your everything.

Battles with real players are the buzz in this game. However, if you want to train, a single mode will allow you to do so, and even a reward for it will give.

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