Legend Clover (DMM) APK v1.25.0 MOD (High Damage, Skill Range)

れじぇくろ! ~レジェンド・クローバー~ v1.25.0

Last Modified - October 26, 2022 Simulation
APK Information
Android 8.0
Android Android 8.0 Simulation
160.58 MB
MOD Features
High Damage, Skill Range
Oct 24, 2022
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Description れじぇくろ! ~レジェンド・クローバー~

The epic royal fantasy SRPG is here from DMM GAMES!
Command your heroes into beautiful girl characters and fight together!

-Long time ago, the world tried to come to an end with the evil monster Abyss.
However, the gods who lived on the moon reborned their legends, the legendaries, who transcend the limits of humanity, and sealed the Abyss all over the land.

Thousands of years after the battle, the frozen continent of Abyss begins to float.
The danger of trying to visit again.
At that time, a normal young man who lived in the remote village Windmill,
Use the father's mechanic to summon the legend Joan of Arcs.

The fate of the young man was changed greatly by this encounter.

★ High quality beautiful illustrations of all the characters, anyway, beautiful!
Use magic gems to summon beautiful girl heroes!
Embark on a journey to save the world with unique characters!

★ Increase your party's fighting power by levelx class x skill!
You can take care of it with our diverse training system!
Deepen your bond with them and increase their likes so that you can find your exclusive character story…?
Enjoy the story and tactics battle with hundreds of beautiful girl heroes!

★ Simulation RPG with dynamic battles that change battles in one square!
Even simple tap to play strategy is endless!
Organize your party with your favorite characters and face the evil monster Abyss!
Choose by strength, choose by cute!
Enjoy easy and authentic strategy simulation!

★ Recommended for:
-Those who love beautiful girl characters
・Those who love beautiful and cute girl characters!
・Those who love beautiful girl games app with cute girls!
・Those who love moe characters and cute girls!
・Want to enjoy a beautiful girl game with a lot of girl types!
-How to improve beautiful girl RPG
・Are looking for a beautiful girl game to play for free!
・Those who love the DMM GAMES series!
・If you like to train mobs and cute girls!
・Are looking for a Moe App, Moe Game!
・If you like sexy beautiful girl characters!
・Those who love royal fantasy stories!
・Those who can enjoy developing and leveling up a beautiful girl and getting stronger!
・Those who are looking for a beautiful girl RPG game app to kill time!
-Those who also play PC versions of the DMM series
-Those who play beautiful girl idle game apps
・If you like beautiful girls like idols!
・ Those who love beautiful girl development games!
・Want to enjoy the game with easy controls!
・If you like sweet girls!
・Want to play girl games for free!
-Those who like beautiful graphics
-Those who love many heroes and gods who have made beautiful girls
・ Those who love DMM games!
-Those who like simulation games
・Want to play the srpg game where beautiful girls are very active!
・Want to enjoy srpg games with super beautiful graphics!
・Those who want to play a serious srpg game!
• Those who are confident in brainful gameplay!
-Those who love "Strategy Simulation x Beautiful Girl Battles"

★ Connect with DMM accounts!
Have fun playing water games anytime, anywhere, on your phone or PC!

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◆ Price
App: Free
※ There are some paid items.
◆ Recommended devices
Android 6.0 or higher smartphone

※ Devices that do not satisfy the recommended environments may not be able to use or function properly.
※ About check of current OS or update of OS
If you have any questions, please check with each carrier or launcher of each device.
※For the best experience, we recommend that you play in a Wi-Fi environment.
※ The game may not run smoothly depending on the environment or device usage.
It may be improved by quitting the app, turning off the device's power, or clearing the cash.

The recommended environment may be changed if we need to continue.
We apologize to all our users, but we appreciate your understanding and help.

※ Please make sure to read the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy before using the game.

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